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Mathematical calculation:
    Enter the mathematical formula directly and click the "Next" button to get the calculation answer.
    It supports mathematical functions (including trigonometric functions).
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Mathematical function:
Basic mathematical operation symbols: plus sign "+", minus sign "-", multiplication sign "*" or“ × ", division"/"or" ÷ "or":“
The natural constant e: for example, the third power of e: e3
Power: a to the power of b: a ^ b, for example: 2 to the power of 3: 2 ^ 3
Power function: a to the power of b, for example: 2 to the power of 7: 2 ^ 7
Square root: for example, square root of 9: sqrt (9) or sqrt9 or √ 9
Calculate the absolute value: for example, the absolute value of - 3: abs - 3 or abs (- 3)
Common logarithm function: for example, common logarithm of 3: lg3
Natural logarithm function: for example, natural logarithm of 3: ln3
Logarithmic function: the logarithm with a as the base b, for example, to find the logarithm with 3 as the base 27, use the function log (3,27)
Sine function: for example, 30 degree sine: sin30
Cosine function: for example: cosine of 60 degrees: cos60
Tangent function: for example: 45 degree tangent: tan45
Arcsine function: for example: arcsin0.5 or asin0.5
Arccosine function: for example, arccosine of 0.5: arccos0.5 or acos0.5
Arctangent function: for example: arctan1 or atan1
Factorial: For example, factorial of 5:! (5)
Permutation and combination:
    Arrangement: For example: A (3,2)
    Combination: e.g. C (3,2)

  New addition:Lenders ToolBox module(Specific location:Math OP > Lenders ToolBox ),welcome。