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Solution inequality:
    Directly input the univariate inequality (that is, the inequality containing only one variable), set the angular unit (radian or angle) of the trigonometric function, and click the "Next" button to obtain the solution set of the inequality.
    It supports mathematical functions (including trigonometric functions).
    Current location:Mathematical operation > Solution inequality


settings:radian     degree

Mathematical function:
Basic mathematical operation symbols: plus sign "+", minus sign "-", multiplication sign "*" or“ × ", division"/"or" ÷ "or":“
The natural constant e: for example, the third power of e: e3
Power: a to the power of b: a ^ b, for example: 2 to the power of 3: 2 ^ 3
Power function: a to the power of b, for example: 2 to the power of 7: 2 ^ 7
Square root: for example, square root of 9: sqrt (9) or sqrt9 or √ 9
Calculate the absolute value: for example, the absolute value of - 3: abs - 3 or abs (- 3)
Common logarithm function: for example, common logarithm of 3: lg3
Natural logarithm function: for example, natural logarithm of 3: ln3
Logarithmic function: the logarithm with a as the base b, for example, to find the logarithm with 3 as the base 27, use the function log (3,27)
Sine function: for example, 30 degree sine: sin30
Cosine function: for example: cosine of 60 degrees: cos60
Tangent function: for example: 45 degree tangent: tan45
Arcsine function: for example: arcsin0.5 or asin0.5
Arccosine function: for example, arccosine of 0.5: arccos0.5 or acos0.5
Arctangent function: for example: arctan1 or atan1
Factorial: For example, factorial of 5:! (5)
Permutation and combination:
    Arrangement: For example: A (3,2)
    Combination: e.g. C (3,2)

  New addition:Lenders ToolBox module(Specific location:Math OP > Lenders ToolBox ),welcome。